Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Year Reunion

Skyline Eagles 1998

It has been
10 years so far!

It was good catching
up on lost friends.

Kelli, Christy,Me, and Jen

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I seriously hope this was the LAST time we go to Houston, Texas. But...
Those HOT and MUGGY days were spent with friends, and alot of quality time with the kids. This was Taryn's First
professional Pedicure/manicure. She did well!

Taryn "Flips" out!

This was taken at 'Monkey Bizness' last week in Texas.

I was so suprized Taryn taught herself how to do a front flip!

She nailed it on her first attempt! She kept on doing it

again and again. She has always been such a dare devil.

Training wheels off!

Today, Houston learned how to ride his bike. Pretty great considering we didn't get him one until last year and he only got on it with the training wheels still on a few times. There was no motivation behind it, just wanted an identical bike like his friend Jag. So he asked to break it out for the first time this summer (I figured I wouldn't pressure him into it, he would let me know when he was ready). He was so willing to get right on it again! (Taryn Lended him his knee pads) that also seemed to help him along his way. We are SO proud of you Houston! Congratulations on your success and bravery! (the cutest part of this clip is where he mistakingly let's go to do "rock on"!)