Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Although this was last years nativity play... it is darling and I wanted to share with you my little darlings. They were so good at paying attention as daddy read the stories about why Christmas is such an important holiday to many.

I have made it a point to let the kids start using their own money for gifts for friends and family this year. With there new "reaching for the stars" chart... they earned plenty of cash doing there own chores. After we exchanged the christmas gifts to our friends, Houston tells me"Mom, I feel good inside". I am so proud of Houston and Taryn for how they grasped the whole christmas spirit this year!

All wrapped up in Momma's wrapping paper!

Allred Cousin's at Meme and Papa's christmas party.

Santa was a little weird this year, I think he spiked his egg nog with some peppermint schnapps!

My kids told me on the way home, "that was a FAKE santa, I know it"! You blew your cover santa! Not very good considering my kids are 6 and 4!

Santa, you never asked the kids if they were being good little boys and girls this year. You also forgot to ask what they are asking for christmas this year.

Silly Santa!

Houston was an angel for his school Christmas play. (wearing daddy's white golf shirt)


Take a look how I elfed the Allred crew...
Christmas 2007

Oh my gosh! It has been since july I posted new updates. Thanks Natasha for hounding me, because of your persistance, I am alive once again.