Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Although this was last years nativity play... it is darling and I wanted to share with you my little darlings. They were so good at paying attention as daddy read the stories about why Christmas is such an important holiday to many.

I have made it a point to let the kids start using their own money for gifts for friends and family this year. With there new "reaching for the stars" chart... they earned plenty of cash doing there own chores. After we exchanged the christmas gifts to our friends, Houston tells me"Mom, I feel good inside". I am so proud of Houston and Taryn for how they grasped the whole christmas spirit this year!

All wrapped up in Momma's wrapping paper!

Allred Cousin's at Meme and Papa's christmas party.

Santa was a little weird this year, I think he spiked his egg nog with some peppermint schnapps!

My kids told me on the way home, "that was a FAKE santa, I know it"! You blew your cover santa! Not very good considering my kids are 6 and 4!

Santa, you never asked the kids if they were being good little boys and girls this year. You also forgot to ask what they are asking for christmas this year.

Silly Santa!

Houston was an angel for his school Christmas play. (wearing daddy's white golf shirt)


Take a look how I elfed the Allred crew...
Christmas 2007

Oh my gosh! It has been since july I posted new updates. Thanks Natasha for hounding me, because of your persistance, I am alive once again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My love bug

My little, little guy...I could not go to bed until I commented on you could I?

This was such a fun year. An old pic but a favorite of mine. You were a two year old that never went through the "terrible two's". Have you ever gone through a "terrible" behavior yet?

"I have the bestest Idea" says Houston. "We can go to bowling! Is it your day off dad; so we can go today"?
You are always coming up with ideas on how to have more fun with you family. You are the glue that sticks us together, my little man.

You are SO Strong!!!!

The night before you started you skateboarding camp you made certain that I would prepare you a healthy breakfast. Just so you would preform at your "bestest". You requested scrambled eggs (you hate eggs) and oatmeal with a glass of orange juice. Oh, and don't forget to make me a mommy drink that I can take with me (which is sustain, like gatorade). You gobbled every bit up and afterwards flexed you muscles and said... "See, look it worked, I can lift up a table". (you lifted the coffee table, so proud of you :) )

I am so fortunate to have you personality around. You keep me sane. You always know when I need a hug. You are so delicate. You automatically come up to me or rub my back and say, I love you mom. I know you do. I thought you would have grown out of it by now, which I feared. To this day, you give me constant affirmation. You are a softy like your daddy. And that my sweets it one of the best traits I find in him. Don't ever stop. Love you 16. -Mom

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Porcelain Doll

To my darling and precious daughter ;Taryn Melle Allred.

I have been gazing at you a bundle, this past month as I watch you spring up like a weed! Where has all the time gone? Why do I feel like I have forgotten so much? Yet, I have been with you every step of the way. I tell you this frequently "Will you please stop growing for me"? But Mommy, you answer, I can't". This I know, but I just wish sometimes you knew at your young age how much you mean to me. How can I ever interpret my thoughts and feelings about you?

I say "Do you know how beautiful you are"? You humbly reply, "Yes".

You remind me every night to "tickle you back, the hard rubs"... after I had sprayed "monster-spray"(which is my little secret; it is just fragrant spray) in 5 specific areas of your room, and given you some water, 4 times in a row. You do carry a long list of things that please you, but your affection you show to me makes it all worth it and to the highest degree!

Your level of competition with your big brother constantly keeps me in stitches. Today, you were on his skateboard barefoot repeating "look what I can do"! You are such a big girl! You amaze me! The way you get along with him is such a blessing. You two are wonderful buddies. Always willing to share and play what the other wants to do at the moment.

Taryn, I pray that you are happy in you family. My one wish from you is for you to understand how grateful I am to be you mother. You feel me with such joy. Please forgive me in the future if I ever upset you, be patient with me, I am learning too. Always, Tare-bear. 16.

one of my rare solitude pics of just me...

This was taken at Mama's fishouse, on our last day in Maui. Wish I could have stayed there longer. It was so peaceful. Our first ever vacation with just Austin and I after almost 8 years of marriage. This made us want to start traveling more. It's easy to get lost into our daily hectic lives to take time for ourselves. The smile on my face truly explains it all. Not a worry in the world until I get back home at least...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My first blog ever!

This is for all of the slacking I have been doing as far as not updating our family scrapbooks. I spend quite a bit on the computer anyway... Here is to a fresh start.

I got a little sad as I have been looking back on my kiddies lives. These years have flown by. And I have not kept up on sharing/documenting the great things they do. These two kids constantly teach me so many things and never cease to keep me smiling. Blogging... here we come!
There may be an occasional oldie but a goodie picture on here. Like I said, I need to play catch up. Pardon me for my out of date photos.