Sunday, July 22, 2007

My first blog ever!

This is for all of the slacking I have been doing as far as not updating our family scrapbooks. I spend quite a bit on the computer anyway... Here is to a fresh start.

I got a little sad as I have been looking back on my kiddies lives. These years have flown by. And I have not kept up on sharing/documenting the great things they do. These two kids constantly teach me so many things and never cease to keep me smiling. Blogging... here we come!
There may be an occasional oldie but a goodie picture on here. Like I said, I need to play catch up. Pardon me for my out of date photos.


mrsneyman said...

i will never forget making these strawberries with them the evening after skiing. they were so sweet and eager. they wanted to wear their "cooking outfits." we don't have those! so jealous!