Monday, September 29, 2008

No computer :(

I am using my friend Shandells computer due to the fact that I miss blogging but we have no Internet set up yet. How sad... So just a speedy update for the Allreds.

We have moved into our new home in riverton (just a street behind our old one) pretty weird I know, but we are happy with this decision we made. Come stop by and say hello! We have been here about 3 1/2 weeks so far and it has been the easiest move yet! I will upload pictures soon.

We got straight to our yard as well. We built a great fire pit, it's great for those nights with friends and family just chillin ... Austin and I are quite proud of this new home of ours, cause it took soooooo long to build (a full year) and was extra stressful on us with all the hassle we had to go through. But in the long run, we are in and settled now (well not quite, we need more furniture now) and hoping that Austin can stay put for about 10 yrs. in this one!!! I am sick of moving!!!

I have to go home , Houston is about to return from school.

That's our update in a nutshell!