Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Hero's!

I was downstairs in the basement last night, wasting time away.   As I was tinkering with the computer, I heard little whisperings that were getting closer to me.  I wanted them to know I was surprised as I waited upon there arrival.   They jumped around the corner and both yelled: "Yah-ha'! 

Meet " Jungle Boy and Monkey Girl".  

(I am mean for posting this.  But can't help myself).

Osborn Christmas Party

This last Thursday we got together for our Osborn side of the family. (my mothers side).
My Grandma has a wonderful talent playing the Organ and piano.  She and my cousin Michelle (who also is very talented and teaches lessons) played a organ/piano duet for all her children and grandchildren/great grandchildren.  We had a great time getting together as we always do.
Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived shortly after and entertained the little ones.  Thanks Julie and Ron for putting together another great family christmas event.

This is just a small portion of the family christmas parties that me and my family attend.  
More pictures to come...  
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Skating!

Yesterday we spent the night downtown ice skating and enjoying the holiday season.  Our kids loved it!  Austin and I were amazed with them, after falling over and over, they never gave up and wanted to continue!  They didn't want to go home.  In the words of Houston, "This is my favorite sport"!  By the end of the night, he was able to skate on his own.  And Taryn was doing just as well!  She is a natural!  I was impressed with them both!    I think I will be able to take them on my own now.  Cause they "want to skate all the time now"!  Thanks Austin for planning a fun family evening!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Polar Express

Last week, my parents treated all of there children and grandchildren
to a fun night filled with hot cocoa, cookies, music, and christmas
stories all taken place on the Polar Express!

My kids had a blast taking the ride all the way to the 
North Pole.  We met santa and Mrs. Claus.
Thank you Dad and Mom for that special treat!  


Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Invited!!!

Boutique Holiday Headstart

Wednesday November 19th 6-9 pm

Allred Resisdence
2737 West Sanborn Drive
Riverton, UT 84065
approx. 13500 South

Vendors Attending:
Faithful Homes (home decor)
Home for the Holidays (holiday Decorations)
Quilary (baby clothing)
Jessi Stringham Photography
Rebbecca Halliday (pillows, Sweatshirts, and Interior design)
Heritage Makers (scrapbooking)
Princess Trends (tutus)
Lily's Edge Clothing

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spooky costumes this year...

 Gone are the days of superhero's and fairy princess'.  My kids both wanted to be spooky this year.  Oh, well.  We had fun!  They have such a festive mom.  I enjoy Halloween just as much as any young kid.  I always have.  I love creepin' out the house and blasting the scary halloween sounds for the trick or treaters that come by.  Houston was a scary phantom (the costume originally came with a mask, but after he saw me paint taryns face, he wanted to do a scary face for all to see).  Taryn was Mortisha from the Adams family.  I love how each time I take a photo, they stay in true character.