Monday, July 23, 2007

My Porcelain Doll

To my darling and precious daughter ;Taryn Melle Allred.

I have been gazing at you a bundle, this past month as I watch you spring up like a weed! Where has all the time gone? Why do I feel like I have forgotten so much? Yet, I have been with you every step of the way. I tell you this frequently "Will you please stop growing for me"? But Mommy, you answer, I can't". This I know, but I just wish sometimes you knew at your young age how much you mean to me. How can I ever interpret my thoughts and feelings about you?

I say "Do you know how beautiful you are"? You humbly reply, "Yes".

You remind me every night to "tickle you back, the hard rubs"... after I had sprayed "monster-spray"(which is my little secret; it is just fragrant spray) in 5 specific areas of your room, and given you some water, 4 times in a row. You do carry a long list of things that please you, but your affection you show to me makes it all worth it and to the highest degree!

Your level of competition with your big brother constantly keeps me in stitches. Today, you were on his skateboard barefoot repeating "look what I can do"! You are such a big girl! You amaze me! The way you get along with him is such a blessing. You two are wonderful buddies. Always willing to share and play what the other wants to do at the moment.

Taryn, I pray that you are happy in you family. My one wish from you is for you to understand how grateful I am to be you mother. You feel me with such joy. Please forgive me in the future if I ever upset you, be patient with me, I am learning too. Always, Tare-bear. 16.


mrsneyman said...

she is so much like you. sweet and pretty and smart. they are getting so big! we need to have another cooking date...