Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My love bug

My little, little guy...I could not go to bed until I commented on you could I?

This was such a fun year. An old pic but a favorite of mine. You were a two year old that never went through the "terrible two's". Have you ever gone through a "terrible" behavior yet?

"I have the bestest Idea" says Houston. "We can go to bowling! Is it your day off dad; so we can go today"?
You are always coming up with ideas on how to have more fun with you family. You are the glue that sticks us together, my little man.

You are SO Strong!!!!

The night before you started you skateboarding camp you made certain that I would prepare you a healthy breakfast. Just so you would preform at your "bestest". You requested scrambled eggs (you hate eggs) and oatmeal with a glass of orange juice. Oh, and don't forget to make me a mommy drink that I can take with me (which is sustain, like gatorade). You gobbled every bit up and afterwards flexed you muscles and said... "See, look it worked, I can lift up a table". (you lifted the coffee table, so proud of you :) )

I am so fortunate to have you personality around. You keep me sane. You always know when I need a hug. You are so delicate. You automatically come up to me or rub my back and say, I love you mom. I know you do. I thought you would have grown out of it by now, which I feared. To this day, you give me constant affirmation. You are a softy like your daddy. And that my sweets it one of the best traits I find in him. Don't ever stop. Love you 16. -Mom


Tanya said...

Meg!! I'm so excited you are blogging and we can peek in to see how you and Austin are doing!! Your kids are so darling. We had so much fun with them in Vegas. It would be fun to be closer. Keep posting!!

*ethan* said...

that houst what a stud!

mrsneyman said...

i LOVE this! houston is a stud. glad he is there to love you when aust is so far away and taryn is making you CRAZY!!!