Monday, March 3, 2008

ABCs of Me
I've been tagged by my friend Tanya, so here goes:
A- Attached or single: AttachedB- Best Friend: Austin and Shandell and Natasha Cake or Pie: Chocolate Cake- Day of Choice: Saturday!E- Essential Item: shiny lip gloss. addicted to the stuff.(me too Tanya) F- Favorite Color: purpleG- Gummi Bears or Worms: wormsH- Hometown:Salt Lake .I- Indulgence(s): Chips and Salsa!.J- January or July: I love the 4th of July!K-Kids: 2...Houston and Taryn L-Life is incomplete without: Learning from mistakes.M- Marriage Date: September 16, 1999 N- Number of Siblings:2 sisters 3 Brothers- Oranges or Apples: Oranges P- Phobias or Fears:I am haunted about house fires, and I can't get to my kids Q- Quote(s): "Just be yourself , it's all that you can do". - Audio Slave R-Reason To Smile: funny... I HATE my teeth, so I try to avoid smiling. My kids will alway get me to smile. S- Season: SUMMERT- Tag Six:Heather, Holly, Amber H., Kelli, and Jen U- Unknown Fact About Me: I had to give up training for my first half marathon cause I could focus on my family, and my new business, and building a new home. Next time as soon as things calm down with Divas... V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Carnivore.
W- Worst Habit: Tardiness. I have never been late to taking my kids to school or picking them up... that is huge for me! I can't be rude anymore. X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Both are overpriced. I'd say ultrasound.Y- Your Favorite Food: A chipoltle burritos( they just opened one up in sandy! yay!)Z: Zodiac: Gemini


mrsneyman said...

ahhhhhh, we are BFF's!

{natalie} said...

i never noticed your teeth before, you must not show them off. now i will be checking them out!

how is the new business going? when are you going to post about that??

The Fraser's said...

Hey hottie mama! It's sooo good to hear from you! We have to stay in touch now. Say 'duh' to Austin for me! I wish I was there we could do lunch!

Tanya said...

Meg, I don't have your email to send you an invite to my blog. Comment on my page and leave your email and I'll send you an invite!

Tonya said...

Hi Megan!~
I saw your name on Natasha's i checked out your blog. Your kids are so big now:) Our blog is just started it and it is still needing a little me...we need to do lunch or something

Tonya said...

megan~ can you send me your blog address....the one I paste was apparently wrong...thanks