Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camping at Bear Lake

The night before we left to Bear Lake, our kids were so excited to sleep in a tent that they requested that we pitch a tent in our backyard. It was fun!!! Bear Lake was the typical... choppy and cold. But hot out side, burnt skin, sandy bottoms, sandy food, but best of all precious time with extended family. This has been a yearly traditon(I have been going for almost 28) with all the Hanson Family. Austin and I have just missed a few years, because of pest control season. Each year the family grows and grows. It gets harder and harder to try and find places to stay, this year we camped. My kids loved it and were happy the whole time! Our camp was right next to the beach and kept the kids entertained for hours burying cousins in the sand! (that picture is of Taryn coverd)


natasha said...

it looks like you guys are having a great summer. i bet it is nice not having to be away for once. your family has so many great traditions. i hope that i can stop being so ADD and set up some for my family! i hope you're well.

Kelli J. said...

So fun Megs! Love the summer family getaways...makes it feel like summer! Hope you are doing well!!!

Rommel and Christy said...

Meg, you are so funny! Your last comment on my blog was so kind (however...what are you smoking? :) Have fun in Park City...I love it up there! Hope to see you soon!