Monday, January 7, 2008

Rain or Shine

We thought we would inform you of our Cancun trip we spent over new years...

I wish we had some pictures, but... Austin lost our smart card to our camera. :( Which means our valuable Christmas 07' are kaput! We are just sick about it. I took about 5 pictures on Christmas day with my large Nikon camera, so that is all we have. (we do have some video too).
Somehow, when he was taking out the battery to charge it, the card dropped out along with it. He didn't notice it, until we took the camera out to take pics it was M.I.A. SAD,SAD,SAD!
I told Aust we should replay a part of Christmas. He thought that was silly. Years from now... they wont know the difference. The ones of Christmas that I do have, I will post.

Anyway, Cancun was eventful. Three out of the 7 days I was quarantined to my hotel room miserable with a horrible case of Strep. I wanted to go home early. But could not. Since no prescriptions are required in Mexico, I was lucky to send Austin on a quick errand to the pharmacy that was 5 min. away from where we were staying. We were trusting enough (and I was desperate) for any form of relief. I needed to be relieved of this misery. With glands swollen large enough you could see them on the exterior and interior, even down to the smallest task of opening my mouth to brush was painful! My words were kept down to the bare minimum. Those Damn Antibiotics didn't kick in until I was LITERALLY on the flight home (it took 2 1/2 days to work).
Other than that, we were made great use of being on our own...
The first few days were spent trying to get some sun in the overcast and windy weather.
Just the novelty of being with ourselves as a couple is priceless, we have so much fun together and are able to reconnect. It is fun just to be silly, immature, dorky friends together.
Although Cancun was not what I had hoped for... It came at a good time. Upon arrival, Austin and Tom are on the cell phones, scheduling, consulting, selling, bargaining, brainstorming, stressing their little hearts out! IT'S PEST CONTROL TIME...AAAAAHHHH!


mrsneyman said...

welcome back!!!!!!!! Sorry you were sick. you guys are so lucky to get away as often as you do. i am jealous. who had the kids this time?

Tanya said...

sorry about your camera, and sorry you were sick in Cancun! How fun to be able to get away with your hubby. Is Austin doing any pest control in Texas??

The Carson Family said...

Sorry Meg! You leave sick kids and get sick yourself! What a holiday. Sounds like you made the best of it though.

I have a fashion project for you when you have some time. Call me!

{natalie} said...

i feel your pain, our laptop died w/all the pictures from the last 3-4 years on it. we hadn't backed any of them up and now they are g-o-n-e.

i hope you are feeling better, that's no fun to be sick and especially in Mexico. Happy New Year!