Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holiday Celebrations

It's sad to think yet another Christmas has come and gone. In song:"I cried, the day that I take the tree down, for I want this season to last all year round"...
Alot happend to our little family over these last couple weeks. So, I hope your seated.

Christmas always happens the same... Austin swears it we will spend a bare minimum on eachother, I stick to it... he doesn't. I find my dads christmas spirit in me, he spoils everyone rotten. I buy things for my kids, then I see something elses that would bring another smile to their faces. I end up with a crap load of things I forgot about, and am now reminded on the night before... wrapping some and saying, "holy crap... I'm taking this one back, and that one", etc.

All in all this was a wonderful christmas because my kids are now old enough to understand what is going on. The looks on their cute gleeming faces... it's all worth it.


The Carson Family said...

You're back! How was your trip? We missed you guys at the cabin. Mom brought your kiddies sledding over here with my kiddies. Then they all watched movies by the fire and had hot chocolate.

I went grocery shopping while mom watched them all over at my house.

Post some photos from your trip so we can all be jealous!

mrsneyman said...

how were the plain cheerios?